Friday, July 16, 2010

The Iowa Farmhouse Auction

So many farm wives sold eggs... my grandmother and mother were one of these hard working ladies.
Attended this classic farm auction in rural Linn county on a spectacular summer day.

Wonderful pear tree on the property

this was the classic farmhouse on the farm where the auction was held.


  1. If only that farmhouse could tell its story, what a beauty she is! Did the home and farm sell that day, or just the equipment?


  2. Thanks for your comment.

    The auction was only for the farm relics... it was paradise for a farm junkie like me.

    The farm sits in the shadows of a very large factory... ADM "corn sweetner" plant.

    The word at the auction was that the farm had been sold to ADM for Big Bucks per acre. What a shame if that beautiufl farm stead gets bulldozed under for a paved factory lot!!

    It was a spectualar Iowa summer day and my daughter and I had such a wonderful time. I have more pictures posted on some of my other and Thanks for looking.

    Have a Great Day,



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